5 Stunning Holiday Destinations for Less

Booking a getaway needn’t cost the earth. You can take advantage of last minute deals, visit free attractions, and stay in affordable accommodation like boutique hostels, campsites or home swaps to save money. Here’s how you can spend less and still enjoy five stunning destinations.



When you go on holiday to Spain you can save your euros by doing a bit of research to get free food. There are bars in most of the major cities that serve free tapas when you buy a drink. You could feast on paella or jamon for the cost of a pint in destinations like Madrid, Granada and Leon.

Museums in Spain usually offer free admission on certain days of the month. There are also plenty of outside attractions that cost nothing any time of the week, like Parc Guell in Barcelona or the many beaches of the coastal resorts.



While Paris can be one of the most expensive cities to visit, you can make it much more affordable by opting for a home exchange. Swap your house with a Parisian and you can be living like a local for a fraction of the cost of an expensive hotel. You’ll also learn more about the real culture.

The French countryside is full of cheap campsites, too, where you can pitch your own tent or stay in a permanent pitch or caravan. Avoid pricey airfares by taking the ferry or Eurotunnel and driving to your destination. You can feast on fresh baguettes, cheese and meats on a delightful budget break.


The major cities in Italy have hostels that can make a trip much more budget friendly. As well as the typical dorms for young party animals, you can also find rooms with private bathrooms that can be ideal for families. You’ll often get a great central location at a much cheaper price than a hotel.

Italy is full of churches and cathedrals to explore, providing both architectural interest and a fascinating history, and all for a small donation. Free museum days and festivals can also make a trip to Florence, Rome or Venice more affordable.



There are plenty of last minute deals to Greece that will help you visit this ancient land for less. You can also decrease accommodation costs by sleeping on an overnight ferry. This will reduce the number of nights you’ll pay for a room and will give you more time in the day for sightseeing.



You can stay in the luxury of a villa for a cheap rate when you visit Turkey on a home swap. Sites like Home Swap enable holidaymakers around the world to stay in amazing home-from-home comfort at a really affordable price. Visit this page to find out more about the destinations where home exchanges are available.

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