5 Stunning Holiday Destinations for Less

Booking a getaway needn’t cost the earth. You can take advantage of last minute deals, visit free attractions, and stay in affordable accommodation like boutique hostels, campsites or home swaps to save money. Here’s how you can spend less and still enjoy five stunning destinations.



When you go on holiday to Spain you can save your euros by doing a bit of research to get free food. There are bars in most of the major cities that serve free tapas when you buy a drink. You could feast on paella or jamon for the cost of a pint in destinations like Madrid, Granada and Leon.

Museums in Spain usually offer free admission on certain days of the month. There are also plenty of outside attractions that cost nothing any time of the week, like Parc Guell in Barcelona or the many beaches of the coastal resorts.



While Paris can be one of the most expensive cities to visit, you can make it much more affordable by opting for a home exchange. Swap your house with a Parisian and you can be living like a local for a fraction of the cost of an expensive hotel. You’ll also learn more about the real culture.

The French countryside is full of cheap campsites, too, where you can pitch your own tent or stay in a permanent pitch or caravan. Avoid pricey airfares by taking the ferry or Eurotunnel and driving to your destination. You can feast on fresh baguettes, cheese and meats on a delightful budget break.


The major cities in Italy have hostels that can make a trip much more budget friendly. As well as the typical dorms for young party animals, you can also find rooms with private bathrooms that can be ideal for families. You’ll often get a great central location at a much cheaper price than a hotel.

Italy is full of churches and cathedrals to explore, providing both architectural interest and a fascinating history, and all for a small donation. Free museum days and festivals can also make a trip to Florence, Rome or Venice more affordable.



There are plenty of last minute deals to Greece that will help you visit this ancient land for less. You can also decrease accommodation costs by sleeping on an overnight ferry. This will reduce the number of nights you’ll pay for a room and will give you more time in the day for sightseeing.



You can stay in the luxury of a villa for a cheap rate when you visit Turkey on a home swap. Sites like Home Swap enable holidaymakers around the world to stay in amazing home-from-home comfort at a really affordable price. Visit this page to find out more about the destinations where home exchanges are available.

Traveling to Asia

While traveling to Asia might seem like a long trip, I believe that it is worth the effort. Asia is home to some of the most interesting countries in the world such as Japan, China, or Korea. A person could spend countless hours trying to visit all historical locations located in this part of the world. While planning your trip to Asia, I recommend that you choose a country that you have always wanted to visit the most. With such a big number of countries to choose from, you might have problems deciding which one is worth visiting first. If you have always been fascinated by a country such as China or India, make necessary arrangements to visit them first. I am sure that many airlines fly to South and South East Asia frequently from a place where you live. Do not underestimate poorer countries only because they are poorer. Very often, they can be good tourist destinations without many people flocking to visit them. From my experience I can say that often those forgotten and unknown places are the perfect holiday destinations for those people who are looking for something exciting to do. Asia is full of such places. I recommend that you take your time to make sure that you visit places that are worth visiting.

Top Destinations in South Florida

Florida as a whole is a very attractive destination for anyone who likes hot weather. Nonetheless, there are some areas in Florida that might be more attractive for tourists. I am going to list a few destinations that most people will enjoy visiting:

-South Beach Miami is often considered as one of the best beaches in the world. Anyone who enjoys sun and sand is going to appreciate being on this beach. The hot climate makes it especially attractive, as it is warm almost the whole year. No wonder that South Beach is a is a very popular travel destination.
-Fort Lauderdale is another place to visit that has great beaches. It also has many places where you can shop and many restaurants. It is considerably less crowded than Miami so that might appeal to some people.
-Fort Myers Beach is on the eastern side of the state. You will find there gorgeous beaches, abundant nightlife, and many places to shop. It is also a place for golfing, so if that is your thing you will surely enjoy visiting Fort Myers.

South Florida is a great place to visit and I hope that the guide above will help you choose a destination that you will enjoy visiting.

New York

For me New York is one of the most fascinating places I have ever been to. Not only is it the largest city in the United States, but also one of the oldest settlements that dates back to the 17th century. The history is what is clearly seen everywhere around New York with many, many interesting locations to see.

There are at least a few ways to see The Big Apple. Organized bus trips are very popular, but there are alternatives to those New York City bus tours. By checking out the offers of various companies, you will see something very original about the way some company organize trips for their customers. To begin with, there are no buses involved at all. Often, the representatives from such companies will meet you in the lobby of a hotel where you stay, or any other place and will take you on New York sightseeing the way it is meant to be: by subway. Why is it by subway? Simply because it is the fastest type of transportation in the city and this is how real New Yorkers commute. During a bus tour you will only get to see the Big Apple from a distance while being surrounded by a lot of people. Personally, I believe that trips should be personalized to suit the needs of yours and your family or friends.

Travel Journal

If you travel a lot, you might enjoy keeping a small travel journal with you. Keeping a travel journal is not mandatory, but it can help you record memories and events that otherwise you might forget about. In this post, I would like to give a few reasons why keeping a travel journal is an excellent way to preserve memories from a trip.

-Keeping a travel journal is easy. All you need to do is bring a small notebook with you and start taking notes.
-Brining a journal with you is one of the best souvenirs you can have from your trip.
-A journal will give you something interesting to do while traveling. Why would you stare at a window without doing anything if you can keep track of everything that happens around you?
-You can choose to write about anything in your journal that captures your attention. If a landmark impressed you, write it down. If you had an interesting conversation with somebody, write it down as well.
-Your journal can be small and easy to transport. It is also a good idea to find a waterproof cover for your journal since you never know what might happen to you while you travel to other parts of the country or the world.

Traveling to Modern Vietnam

Many people who travel around the world are interested in the history of the countries that they visit. When you think about the Vietnam War, you probably think about the country of Vietnam only. However, the Vietnam War took place on the territories of other countries as well such as Laos and Cambodia. Traveling to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia can be a memorable experience, especially if you decide to visit places where fellow Americans fought during the war.

-The Vietnam War was a long war that took place from September 26, 1959 to April 30, 1975. It was a military conflict that revolved around so-called Cold War.
-The first US troops started to come to Vietnam in the early 1960s in order to prevent the communist takeover of South Vietnam.
-The communists from North Vietnam won the war and they claimed South Vietnam in April 1975. The capture of Saigon in 1975 marked the end of the Vietnam War.
-The Vietnam War was a bloody war with many fatalities. It is estimated that 3 to 4 million Vietnamese lost their lives together with 2 million Cambodians and Laotians. 58, 159 US troops died in Vietnam.


The best wedding I have ever been to was the wedding of my cousin. Even though it was three years ago, I still remember the wedding reception that followed the church wedding ceremony. Everything was perfect, including all of the decorations. I have not attended a more memorable wedding reception than this one. I believe that those who want to get married should consider hiring a wedding planner. A wedding reception is not something that can be easily planned and organized. Only a skilled and experienced wedding planner knows what to do and how to do it. It is important to pick the finest tablecloths and every other elements. An experienced wedding planner will take his time to select only those cloths that match the quality of all the other cloths in the reception room. He will also make sure that all wedding tablecloths are made from the best materials. It is important to use have only the highest quality tablecloths. With cloths like that, everybody is going to feel like he is attending the coronation ceremony of the Queen of England. If you are a wedding planner yourself, you know that you can impress your clients with high quality wedding linen products.

Cars and Travel

We live in times where being late is never an option. We live in times where being able to jump to a car whenever we need to is very important. This also applies to traveling abroad, so the question I want to ask is do you know how to effectively rent a car abroad? If you want to travel in Spain or any other country, you can get a car service very fast without any problems as long as you are prepared a bit. There are many ways you can rent a car online, so if you are interested then consider doing so.

What to See in Europe

What to see in Europe:

-Start by visiting San Marino. San Marino is a very small country that borders Italy. The official language is Italian. It is one of the oldest countries in the world founded in 301 rich in history and culture. Only thirty thousand people live in this country making it one of the smallest republics in the world.

-Do not miss Montenegro located in South-East Europe. If you watched James Bond, you might recall Montenegro from the movie. Montenegro is another small country rich in history and culture. The country is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. This is another great tourist destination in the Mediterranean. The economy of Montenegro is based on tourism.

-Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This is the only world’s Grand Duchy. Visiting this part of Europe can be a great history lesson as the country is home to many old castles, monasteries, etc. that go back to the early middle ages.

Traveling to Nevada

Las Vegas is one of those unique places in the United States that everyone should definitely visit. Everybody knows what people can do there. People come to Vegas from all across the United States to gamble, attend concerts, or stay in a luxury hotel. There are so many things to do in Las Vegas, that one can have problems fitting all of them in his busy schedule. If I were to organize my next trip to Vegas, I would definitely go there with my family. Business trips are good too, but I cannot go on a business trip with my family members. Instead, I prefer to have fun with those whom I love. Before I travel to Vegas, I will look at some websites that will help me plan my trip with every detail.

There are many things that you can do while in Vegas. There are various hotels that I would like to visit. I have heard so much about some hotels from my friends that I simply cannot think of not visiting them when I arrive there. When you go to Las Vegas, all you need is some luxury and comfort. Many hotels are definitely offering it with their unique atmosphere. There are many other attractions in Las Vegas, and it is up to you to decide which is your favorite one.

Various websites will give you all the information you need in order to arrange your stay in this unique city. There are also many videos and interviews with stars available on various websites, and I recommend viewing them before you get to Vegas. It is always good to know what celebrities you might meet while your stay there.