Spending Time Outdoors

Only because it is already October doesn’t mean that I don’t spend time outdoors anymore. Of course, the days are shorter and it has become considerably colder for the last couple of days, but it definitely is not going to prevent me from spending time in my garden, which I love and care about by the way.

I still have a few BBQs planned in my garden for the next couple of days. Today I Saturday, so a BBQ is an absolute must. A few of my friends from work are coming over to celebrate the promotion of Jake. This is going to be a real occasion and event to remember.

In order to be prepared for the afternoon in the garden, I ordered some Outdoor Placemats | Home and Patio Decor some time ago. I have a large table standing just outside my conservatory and it is just waiting to be filled with all those decorations such as table mats, cutlery, etc. To be honest, I can’t wait to get started on the table later today. I already have a few ideas in my mind how I am going to decorate. It’s definitely going to be colorful, I can tell you that already.