What to Bring on a Trip With You

If you already decided to bring a travel journal with you on a trip, now might be the time to think what else you can bring with you to help you preserve your memories from a trip. Here are some ideas that might help you decide what to take with you.

-A few extra plastic bags or plastic envelopes. They can be a real blessing if you enjoy collecting things from your journeys such as postcard, brochures, or even small plants.
-A variety of pens. One pen is not enough, as it might get lost easily. Bring at least five pens with you so that you do not have to look for places to buy them during your trip. Consider also carrying with you a variety of markers, pencils, or even pastels. You never know when you might want to draw something.
-Glue. Glue can be very important if you are going to need it to keep things together.
-A small pair of scissors. A pair of scissors will allow you to cut things you do not need and it will help you get rid of parts of postcards you do not want.